Monday, July 13, 2015

Gilbert Animal Hospital & Mr. Willie

Thank You!

The Gilbert Animal Hospital on East Tennessee Street in Florence has a new owner. When contacted, a spokesperson for the veterinary practice said that Dr. Sheila Gilbert had been commuting between Florence and Houston, Texas, where her husband had been transferred, for two years. She is now moving permanently to Houston, and her practice has been purchased by a new veterinarian.

Dr. Gilbert was known for her caring and generosity during her stay in Florence. She personally neutered at least one cat colony at her own expense, for which this writer is eternally grateful.

Unfortunately, the new owner will not be retaining long-time employee Mr. Willie, who quite possibly still bears scars from one red tabby named Tucker. While we obviously feel this is a bad business move, we believe Mr. Willie has much to offer other medical practices. If you have any information concerning employment for Mr. Willie, you may leave a message in care of the Gilbert Clinic at 256-767-0500.

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